The Weekend Wardrobe

Weekend days that I don't have to work are rare, but blissful. And those days are ALL about comfort. This is one of my comfier outfits, jeans and a t. Simple, don't have to think about it, throw on some sandals and a red lip, and you can almost call it put together. I'm sticking to the philosophy that a red lip makes ANYTHING look put together.

This tshirt I'm wearing is from Gap and may be the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my body.  Sure, it's boring but has a super flattering fit to boot. My jeans are the Legging jean from Gap, which I loved. Past tense. Alas after wearing them for a day, they stretched out and extra size. Or two. Which I think is ridiculous for a semi-expensive pair of jeans so right back to the store they went, despite my love. I'm that person. My watch is a clearance snag from Anthropologie (I can only find the nude version online), I'm wearing an Alex and Ani bangle, and my ghost beads. These suckers have been on my wrist for about 8 years and I have never taken them off. I'm not super sure where you can even find them but they ward off evil spirits, or so they say. On my lips I'm wearing Kate Moss for Rimmel London 107, for which I have a post here.

What do you like to wear on the weekends?

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