How To: Fix A Broken Zipper

My favourite thing in the world is when I go to put on some shorts or jeans or whatever, and the zipper is broken. BUMMER. Although, I've found a pretty simple solution as long as the only problem is that the zipper is missing a few teeth. The missing teeth would also have to be pretty far down on the zipper, if it's too high up all you're really doing is sewing the zipper up and then your garment may not fit.
1. All you need is a broken zipper, scissors, some thread and a needle. I recommend a longer and thicker needle than my one, but it's all I could find. It works fine, a bigger needle just requires less time.
2. Make sure there is enough space to get the zip-pull back onto the top track of teeth, I had to cut a few out.
3. Pull the zip back onto the track.
4. Sew the hole left by the missing teeth to the other side of the track, be sure you repeat this step quite a few times to ensure it holds.
5. Line up the bottom half of the track.
6. Sew together the bottom part of the track, don't worry about being too clean here.

And you're done! Just put them on and zip up, super easy!
Let me know if you guys use this little trick

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