NYC Smooth Skin BB Creme

Okay, I struggle with the concept of a BB Cream. They're supposed to be an all-in-one product to replace moisturizer, primer, foundation, sunscreen, etc. I've never tried a legitimate Asian-market BB Cream but from what I've heard, they actually do these things. As far as I've experienced with American BB Creams (specifically drugstore, I haven't ventured into high-end tinted moisturizers as I think it's a waste of my moolah) they have done pretty much none of these things. In my experience, a BB Cream is basically a tinted moisturizer re-named so that it becomes more desirable. Now, I have absolutely no problem with tinted moisturizers, in fact I love them on lazy days, but I do not like the fact that these products are being sold with claims they can't hold up to.

I do realize that most companies come up with these crazy taglines to draw people in, but shouldn't they be accountable to actually hold up those claims? For example, this product is supposed to "protect skin, minimize pores, erase imperfections and minimize fine lines, smooth skin, and brighten for a luminous look." Heck, it says SKIN PERFECTER right on the tube. Which it isn't. It really doesn't do any of those things. What it is is a sheer moisturizer for those days when you don't want to wear foundation but hate the thought of bare skin.

I'm probably sounding really negative, but I do really like this product for what it is, not what it's labeled to be. I paid $3 for it so what do I expect? It definitely balances out my skintone while looking natural. A little bit definitely goes a long way as well, if you're super oily I might stay away from this as it's pretty dewy. I use a brush to apply it because I'm not a fan of using fingers, but as sheer as it is you could definitely get away with it. I wore it all day at work with powder and it looked fine when I got home. It hadn't oxidized and my skin still looked nice and natural. A big bummer is that this only comes in two shades "Light" and "Medium" which are honestly so similar they shouldn't have even bothered. I'm hoping they'll come out with some new shades because this will only suit a select number of skintones.
Overall, I do like the BB Cream, I just wish these brands would rethink their packaging.

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