The Brow Struggle

I think that every girl in the world goes through this problem, and prays that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Although I'm pretty sure others have no idea that they'll think they look awful a few years down the road. I'm talking about brows, people. Those weird little furry caterpillars we have on our face that really serve absolutely no purpose.

I'm very much so partial to a full brow, but you do you (although I can't promise I won't criticize). Now, in middle school, aka the no makeup years, I had nearly non-existent brows. And then *hallelujah chorus kind of* I discovered that you can actually fill in your eyebrows. This ended up in some super-heavy brows, like oh my word dark. I then transitioned into what I would call my perfect brow stage. Unfortunately, they're not being very kind to me at the moment. They need a firm talking-to. However, the Anastasia Dip-Brow in Chocolate is doing them a wold of good and I think I'm getting back to the perfect brow. Now, don't laugh at these pictures.


Ahhhhhhhhh blasphemy!
the sharpie-ish brow
tweezer-happy, but getting there
score, the happy medium kind-of-close

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