Current Blog Favourites

I should really call this post "Current Blog OBSESSIONS," because really, I love them. Also, most shouldn't really be considered current as I've loved them forever... anyway, let's get into it.

1. The Beauty Look Book
I've actually just discovered this blog a few days ago and have become absolutely obsessed. I've read several years back already. Shhh... Sabrina's blog is absolutely beautiful. Her posts are very well-written, providing just enough information without being overwhelming. She also posts about different subjects, so that the typical beauty reviews don't become monotonous. And let's not even talk about the gorgeous photos on this site, because good lord.

2. Cupcakes and Cashmere
I might have to say that Emily's blog is my favourite ever. I've been reading Cupcakes and Cashmere for several years now and I'm constantly consulting previous posts. With beautifully written posts featuring everything from fashion to interior design to the most delicious food you will ever look at, I can't ever get enough. Emily is like the big sister I never had, and her style is flawless. The photography as well is utterly amazing. I also love that she lets us in on her personal life a little bit, so we feel connected on a personal basis. Also, her book is fabulous.

3. The Day Book Blog
Sydney's is another blog that I've been reading for a long time, and will never stop. She's another big sister to me. I mean, we've journeyed through a pregnancy with her, and seen her beautiful little Everett begin to grow up. And now, we get to experience it again (Congratulations in order). I've never ever read a blog that seemed so personal as this. Sydney writes beautifully (how else can I possibly describe it?) and with such emotion, I've cried over a few. There is the perfect balance of fashion and lifestyle here and this little family is truly a pleasure to "follow."

4. Viviana Does Makeup

I think I've been reading Anna's blog for a little over a year now, and I must say it's amazing how much it's grown. That's one of the fun things about blogging, you get to see people's life journeys. Anna is obviously all about beauty, but she also throws some lifestyle posts in there to jazz it up. As with all of the others, her photography skills make me jealous. Anna also makes YouTube videos. Her vlogs with Mark are my absolute favourites, they are so cute! Her reviews are the greatest as they are very straight to the point while still being fun to read!

5. Buy Now, Blog Later
Laura's is yet another blog I've been reading for God knows how long. I think her's may have been the first I ever started reading. There is something really different about Buy Now, Blog Later. While I adore all of the previous blogs, Laura has this way of writing that makes it seem like you're just having a conversation. More beautiful photos of products I can't afford but can't stop reading about.

I've noticed a trend: beautiful photos, well-written posts, and very minimalistic layouts... hmmm. What are your favourites?


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