Taking Stock 01

I don't know if you guys read the daybook blog, but Sydney is probably my favourite person ever. She's been doing these "taking stock" posts, and I really enjoy them so hopefully you lot will too!

Making: a new blog header, you like?
Cooking: peas and french fries... don't judge
Drinking: water in an attempt to be healthy(ish)
Reading: The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, a million times better than the movie
Wanting: summer. Not the season, I hate hot weather, I just want school to be over
Looking: at things I can't afford... a dangerous habit
Playing: my cards right so that I can pass my exams (does that count?)
Wasting: my life studying... it's sad
Wishing: for my friends to come home from school... one week left!
Enjoying: this slightly sunny, slightly stormy weather we're having
Waiting: for our trip to England this summer, too excited
Liking: the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer... even if it's not really pale enough
Wondering: if I should change my major
Loving: my wonderful friends
Hoping: that healthy chocolate will be invented in the near future
Marveling: at how green everything has suddenly become
Needing: a pool in my backyard, stat
Smelling: nothing really, fresh air?
Wearing: yoga pants and a giant Eeyore tshirt that might be older than me... don't judge
Following: no one but myself, I'm no follower (cheesy don't hate me)
Noticing: a stronger, slimmer me
Knowing: I can make tomorrow better
Thinking: I really should stop eating french fries if I'm trying to be healthy
Feeling: lonely
Bookmarking: everything I find on Pinterest
Opening: my bank account and crying
Giggling: at these ridiculous snap chats

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