New York

Back in January, my sister and I asked to go to New York for our birthdays, and our parents said YES! We only went for two days because of school, but it was amazing. Now because we were only going for two days, we decided not to check luggage. So, I didn't get to take my camera. I do have some iPhone shots to show you, but worry not because I'm planning to go back this summer with my best friend Dylan, and there WILL be plenty of pictures.

We stayed at the Pod Hotel on 51st street, which was surprisingly nice for the price, and super close to the parts of town we wanted to go to. Our flight left at 6AM, so arrived in the city for brunch, after checking into the hotel, we went around the corner to Ess-A-Bagel for lunch. It's this really old family-owned business that is super busy but has the BEST bagels I've ever tasted. The variety is insane, and they are such a good price. Anyway, we of course tried a bunch of coffee shops as well. Treehaus and Maison Kaiser were definitely our favourites, but we also went to Blue Bottle Coffee, and a few others that I absolutely cannot remember the names of! We went to Heartland Brewery for dinner on the first night, since it was just under the Empire State Building, it was yummy.

On the first day we went down to Chelsea to walk around where I found this vintage jacket I seriously regret not buying. We also went to the 9/11 memorial which was breathtaking and very sad. Afterwards, we climbed up the Empire State Building, the line for the second elevator was far too long, so we made the hike! It was totally worth it in the end because we saw the sunset from the top! After we went to dinner, we went to Times Square which I wasn't super-impressed with for some reason. I did get some Inglot goodies thought!

We went to the Met the next day which was absolutely mind-blowing, even though we only got to see part of it and the people that work there are EXTREMELY rude. After that, we walked back through Central Park where it SNOWED! It was so much fun, although we got drenched. And then we went to Fifth Avenue quickly to do some shopping before the flight home. Overall, it was the perfect get away weekend and I can't wait to go back.

Okay, here's some of my iPhone snaps...
Sunrise on the plane
Beautiful skies
Grand Central's 100th Birthday
hot-chocolate art
Dusk on the Empire State Building
Typical tourist
Night from the Empire State Building
Grand Central!
Beautiful day in Chelsea
Morning tea in Maison-Kaiser
Snow in Central Park
The Alice in Wonderland sculpture

Have you guys ever been to NYC? What was your favourite part?

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