This is Random But...

Okay, this is really random but I just had to tell you guys. I placed an order with Beautylish for the first time today for some really exciting things (that you'll have to wait to see). Firstly, I'm super excited for these products in general, but am ASTOUNDED by the customer service. I spur-of-the-moment placed an order around 6-ish. I then received an email at exactly 6:50 saying my order has been shipped! WTF?! Has anyone ever experienced such a fast turn-around time??

On top of that, orders over $35 got free shipping, so I didn't even pay for the craziness! Also, first-time orders over $50 got $10 off, so I obviously had to do that as well. So, anyway, I clicked on the tracking link they sent me in the email, but FedEx said the order was not found. I was slightly worried, over nothing really, that something went wrong with my address or something so I sent an email to the Beautylish team. I am not kidding, I received a response within a minute. Now, maybe it's because I've recently had problems with backordering and bad customer service, but this exchange absolutely made my day. What's even better is that I've just checked FedEx and my package should arrive this FRIDAY. That is a two-day turn-around my friends.

What's more is that judging from hauls and things I've been seeing, Beautylish packages product beautifully and leaves HAND-WRITTEN NOTES. How they do this and get things shipped out in under an hour absolutely amazes me. This is definitely a company I'm going to be sticking to. Also, I've just realized this probably sounds like a sponsored post, but I swear it's not. I'm really not cool enough to be sponsored by anyone. I'm just a very happy camper at the moment and thought I should let you loves know.


PS Make sure to check back for an unboxing!

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