City of Dreams

I don't think I've ever been so excited in my entire life. Maybe that's an overstatement, but in this moment in time, it feels completely true. For the past six or seven years I've been asking my parents to take me to New York City for a birthday weekend. Every year they've said no. This year however, my younger sister (she's 18 as well now, only 11 months between us) asked if she could go, and they said yes.

I. Was. Pissed.

How dare they allow her to go after I'd been asking for so long. For obvious reason, I sulked around the house for about a week, angry at the world. My little sister had just taken my dream away from me. Until, about a week ago my mom asked me where in New York I wanted to visit. I just blanched at her. I said, "what are you talking about?" she just smiled and replied, "well you're coming too obviously!" I can't recall ever being so overjoyed.
image from tumblr.
So, this Friday, I'll be getting on a plane and flying to New York for two days. It's only two days, but heck, I'm so beyond excited. I haven't decided if I'm going to take my camera yet, so I may only have iPhone pictures to show you, but I ensure you there will be a blog post.


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