Giving Clinique Another Try

If you're just finding this blog without knowing about my YouTube channel, then you wouldn't know, but I've had some trouble with Clinique. Obviously, I'm a teenager, so spending money on expensive products is not something I enjoy exactly. But, I decided to splurge on a Clinique product once upon a time, a rather long time ago. It was a pore-minimizer that I forget the exact name of, but it came in a purple tube. I used it a few times and began breaking out like crazy. Now, I'm someone who VERY rarely suffers from acne, so you can probably imagine that I freaked out when this happened. And I never bought another Clinique product again...

Until I walked into the CCO a few months back and saw a little set of products for $7.50. Naturally, I had to grab it, because who can resist that kind of bargain? Now, I only picked it up because I had been wanting to try All About Eyes, which was included in the set. It also came with a mascara, and one of the makeup removers, but these products didn't really stand out. I am, however actually liking All About Eyes and Superdefense moisturizer. I'm the kind of person who's really bad at keeping up with skincare, but these products are so easy. The eye cream is smooth and has that silicone-y feel, and keeps my under-eye area looking fresh as a daisy, so I'm loving it. The moisturizer looks thick in the jar but is actually super thin and goes a very long way. It has been keeping my face moisturized through this awful summer heat and a terrible sunburn, so it gets a gold star. Overall, maybe Clinique might not be all that bad, I mean these haven't broken me out and I've been using them for a few months now!

What brands have you sworn off of? And are you interested in trying again?

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