How My Makeup Style Has Changed

My friend Elle and I were looking at old photos of us from adventures past (as we gear up for the big trip to England) and laughed our heads of at how different we look. Even pictures taken just two years ago on our New York trip. And I realized that it was because of our makeup. Not that we ever wore tons by any means, but the way we wore it was so different. Sure, we've had different hairstyles and wardrobes and that contributed, but I think we just looked so made up back then. I think in general the industry is making a big push towards more natural-looking makeup. I don't think the 'Instagram makeup' will ever really go away at this point, but in Sephora the buzzwords are 'fresh,' 'dewy,' and 'bushy brows' not 'sharp' or 'matte.' Not saying those things are gone because they obviously aren't, but I've seen a definitive shift away from them.

Back in the day everything had to be matte. I wore the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + for years. I loved it at the time, and it is a good product, but it didn't suit my (at the time) dry skin at all. Then you piled on some harsh contour and didn't go anywhere near blush (cries). Eventually highlighters became popular which added a bit of definition to an otherwise flat face, but it was wayyyy more harsh. Speaking of, my eyebrows were harsh. I stenciled those things in man, a serious block brow that was then lined with concealer just to make sure they were sharp. I eventually figured out how to fade the front thank god, but they didn't look natural at all.

I also wore tons of eyeshadow back then. Which I did like, I just feel like on an everyday basis I didn't need to be wearing a bronzey smokey eye. Also explains why I have SO MANY EYESHADOWS. My god. And then the matte liquid lipstick. Yikes. We're still towards the end of this era, but I'm so glad it's starting to fade. I never wore lipstick daily (same as now), but those colourpop mattes just looked so bad after a few hours. Plus I'd wear dark/bright lips with tons of other makeup and it just looked heavy. I'm glad now brands have started coming out with even just slightly creamier liquid lipsticks. No one like a butthole lip okay?

Nowadays, skin is most important to me. I'f much rather have someone compliment my skin than my foundation. I stick to lighter coverage, glowy, more skin-like bases and then spot conceal where I need/want to. Glossier Stretch Concealer is my saving grace. It really covers up but looks just like skin. I do contour from time to time still, but super minimally and incredibly blended out. Blush is my bff. Honestly, I wear blush even if I'm wearing absolutely no other makeup. It instantly wakes you up and makes your skin look super healthy. For highlight I've moved away from 'blinding glow' to a more subtle, glowy sheen. Let be real, I still love to pile it on but I like to think it looks less crazy. Right?

I have clearly embraced the bushy brow. They're getting a little out of control long guys. I fill them in a tiny bit still, just to give some semblance of a shape, and then brush them up to the heavens with all of the Boy Brow I can. I also really like the clear Bobbi Brown Brow Gel to keep them in place. If I'm wearing eyeshadow, 99% of the time it's a cream and just a sheer wash of shimmery colour over my lid. If I want to amp it up, I use MAC Quite Natural or something similar all around my eyes in a blown-out smokey eye. Think bedroom eye, but lighter. And then hella mascara, of course. Will we ever give it up? I normally leave my lips bare, or maybe pat a little cream blush into the center. If I'm wearing a bright lip I keep everything else super fresh a la Violette. Especially with a red lip. If my skin is looking nice, I'll skin foundation altogether and only use concealer. I might wear a winged liner, but nine time out of ten I'll only wear mascara or nothing at all. This way the lip doesn't complete with other areas of my face.

Maybe this sounds boring to you, but I think the freshness is incredibly beautiful. I've definitely had quite a big shift in style, but I feel so much more comfortable in my skin now. I still love makeup and have enough for a small (or large) village, but perhaps wearing less is more.

An Updated Highlighter Edit

I've realized lately that my makeup style has changed a lot (more on that later in the week). I am SO into dewy almost glossy skin, and so my go-to products have changed as well. I've always been one for an intense highlighter, but nowadays I want my entire face to glow. And since it's summer I totally feel like I can get away with looking a lil sweaty. But like in a chic way. Speaking of chic, this post is in collaboration with Sarah from Sarah Loves Makeup! I've been following Sarah forever, and she actually introduced me to Glossier several years back, so you have her to blame for me never shutting up. Make sure you check out her picks over on her blog & Instagram.
We all know that the Glossier Haloscopes are the ideal for that 'sweaty-sheen'. The solid-oil core in the middle makes your skin look super healthy and glowy. I've recently adopted the Kim Johnson (aka earth angel) method which includes wearing all three at once. We're talking Moonstone, Topaz, and Quartz. All over. I usually only wear Topaz on my eyes, and Moonstone very rarely (it's pretty icy) so I felt a little crazy but looked SO FAB. So Moonstone goes on the brow bone and bridge of the nose, this makes you look a lil glossy without looking like you put highlighter all over your nose. Quartz obviously all over the cheekbones, it's the perfect champagne and reflects light beautifully. I also use this on my temples for an extra glow. Then what I think may be the most magical step. Using Topaz as a bronzer/sunglasses tan. I would never in a million years think to use something so dewy/shiny for a bronzer, but I don't think my skin has ever looked healthier. I take this right under Quartz, so on my cheeks not in the hollows, and then connect it to my nose for that sunglasses tan look.

Sarah and I have both been loving the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach lately. It gives you a gorgeous peachy golden blush and is basically the perfect summer blush. If I'm feeling the glow without the dew, especially for long work days, I usually reach for the NARS Copacabana Multiple or the treStiQue Highlight Stick in Maldives Luminescent. Both are super long wearing and give you a beautiful sheen to the skin that kind of mimics looking glossy. If I really want to go for the Haloscope look, but need it to last, I'll dust it with a bit of the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow Palette. This formula is super buttery and creamy, but the shade is slightly more golden. It's not quite as intense as others I own, but provides the most natural looking lit-from-within glow. Obsessed. Last but not least is probably my new favourite product ever. The NOTO Botanics Hydra Highlight. I have several of these, and for a while I forgot how incredible it is. I find it works best for me on no-foundation or minimal makeup days because it really makes your skin glow. I'm talking I just came from the best facial of my life and I'm definitely not wearing highlighter glow.

What are your favourite summer highlighters? Anything I need to pick up?

New Jewelry Additions

I am one hundred thousand percent a minimal jewelry person. I wear the same few pieces every day, in fact I literally never take them off (I sleep and shower in them). So quality is definitely important to me when it comes to my staple jewelry. But lately I've been seeing so many fun statement pieces that I want to try out, but don't want to commit to buying pricier pieces. Hello Forever 21! They have some awesome stuff right now, so I picked a few bits and bobs up to show you! Plus I have a couple of forever pieces to talk to you about so I thought I'd just whack up a blog post!

Starting off with those forever pieces, I get a million questions about where I get my midi rings from. Most are custom made by a local artist, but a few are ones that she sells at craft fairs. She also just told me she has an Etsy page so you guys can get these gorgeous rings too!! They are super well made, and last so so well (and are extremely inexpensive). My oldest ring I've been wearing for 5 years and have actually never taken it off, through showers, chlorinated pool water, chemical peels, still looks brand new! She has a ton of incredible pieces and I have my eyes on some earrings. 

My newest ring addition is the Dual ring from my friend Tamira Jarrel's Mejuri collection. I've been reading Tamira's blog for years, and am lucky to call her a friend now, so I knew I had to pick up a piece. Of course the entire collection is stunning, but I needed the Dual ring. Mejuri's pieces are obviously pricier, but made with incredible materials and less than half the cost of what you would pay at a jewelry store. Plus the designs are stunningly beautiful. Dual is a solid 14k gold band set with a white opal and diamond. It's probably my favourite piece that I own. You can also get the ring with the black diamond, or the gorgeous stud earrings from Tamira's collection!
Okay, onto the funkier pieces. Forever 21 isn't the highest quality in anyone's mind, but it is fun to try out trends without breaking the bank. Plus I managed to find all three pairs online, so you can still get them if you can't find them in the mess that is in-store. You're welcome. I was on the hunt for a pair of tassel earrings, and these Fringe Duster Earrings fit the bill perfectly. I love the addition of the woven knot at the top, I think it makes them look much more expensive. And I personally think they look super high quality, I'll probably be going back for the red. Speaking of, I spotted these Red Bauble Earrings and had to have them. They're super fun, and I love how much they stand out against my dark hair. I also got these Disk Drop Earrings on my way out because they were only $4. I wasn't totally sure about them, but I wore them yesterday and I'm actually in love. So now I'm on the hunt for a higher quality pair that are similar! Any ideas? I've got my eye on several others, so I think an order will be happening soon, oops. 
What kind of jewelry do you guys tend to buy? High quality, trendy, or a mix of both?

Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

Okay, please don't hate me. I KNOW this is expensive, and usually I'm a drugstore mascara person through and through. I don't think I've ever spent more than $15 on mascara, and even then I cringed. But this stuff is incredible. And $32. But incredible. This "stuff" is the Chanel Le Volume Mascara

Honestly it's against every fiber in my being to tell you I like this. It's pricy AND it's a plastic brush. I usually cannot stand plastic brushes, I'm a bristle person all the way. So the only explanation is that this mascara is actually magical. It's one of those triple threats that delivers volume, length, and separation without looking clumpy or separating. It's jet black and somehow doesn't transfer, smudge, or flake. All. Day. If you follow me on instagram you probably know that I've been suffering from some serious mascara smudging lately so its a godsend that this stays put (even the non-waterproof version). You'd think this means it's a pain to get off but it's honestly even easier to get off than any of my other mascaras! 

The brush as described as a "snowflake" wand, aka a combination of short and slighter longer spiky bristles made up of stacked plates (seems very complicated to me). It definitely grabs onto every single lash, meaning tons and tons of length and separation. Because the bristles are this snowflake design the lashes are kind of grabbed on all sides so the product builds up super quickly, giving you incredibly dramatic lashes in just one coat. Because of this, it's not really going to be the one for you if you like sort-of natural looking lashes. This basically looks like you've been using a lash serum and you have the most fab lashes ever (a win in my book). The formula itself is fairly wet. I know a lot of people really like this, but I prefer dry formulas in general so I'm thinking this means I'll just grow to love it more as time goes on! I've been using it for about a week so far, and it's already become my favourite mascara ever and my wallet hates me.

I'm sorry to enable you to buy a $30 mascara, believe me, but it's bloody brilliant. So go buy it so I don't feel so bad about it, thank you.